Bogie 18-9771

Bogie model 18-9771 is designed for freight cars of 1520 mm track gauge, and also for freight cars of industrial transport.

Maximum static load of wheel set on rails230,5 кН (23,5 ton-force)
Design speed120 km/h
Base1850 mm
Weight assembly4900 kg
Distance above rail head level to bearing surface level of center plate in free state811 mm
Distance between long axles of side bearing1524 mm
Distance between long axles of spring groups2036 mm
Spring suspension bending under maximum gross load
Spring suspension bending under tare (under load of wheel set on rails 60 кН)12 mm
Relative friction coefficient of friction shock absorber in spring suspension:
— under maximum gross load0,08 - 0,12
— under tare0,10 - 0,16
Center plate diameter300 mm
Center plate depth30 mm
Clearance to GOST 923802-ВМ
Design stock coefficient of spring suspension bending taking into account maximum load above axle to rails and without friction force, not less1,75
Brake rigging ratio7
Overhaul life500 thous. km

Bogie 18-9771
Bogie 18-9771

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