Platform car 13-9781

Platform car 13-9781 is designed to carry multi-purpose large-capacity containers gross weight of 10, 20 and 40 tons in various combinations.

Carrying capacity69 t
Light weight24,5±0,5 t
— over coupler pulling faces25700 mm
— over strikers24480 mm
Base19500 mm
Extreme width2770 mm
Height of support bearing surface for container restraint above rail head level, max. 1380 mm
Height of coupler axle above rail head level1040 - 1080 mm
Number of fixed supports for container restraint 4 pcs.
Number of settled back supports for container restraint20 pcs.
Design speed to GOST 26725120 km/h
Clearance limit to GOST 92381-Т
Maximum static load of wheel set on rails230,5 кН (23,5 ton-force)
Bogie model to GOST 924618-9770 or 18-9771
Rail nominal gauge1520 mm

Platform car 13-9781
Platform car 13-9781

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