Gondola car 12-1303

Gondola car 12-1303 is designed to carry bulk, small-sized cargo not requiring cover from precipitation, as well as stacked and piece products with restraint per loading regulations for integrated operation on railways of 1520 mm track gauge.

Carrying capacity70 t
Light weight23,5±0,5 t
Length over coupler pulling faces13920 mm
Length over strikers12780 mm
Base8650 mm
Extreme width3154 mm
Height above rail head level3480 mm
Height of coupler axle above rail head level1040÷1080
Body volume77,0 m3
Internal dimensions12768х2928х2065 mm
Number of unloading hatches14
Design speed to GOST 26725120 km/h
Body clearance limit to GOST 92321-ВМ
Bogie clearance limit to GOST 923202-ВМ
Maximum static load of wheel set on rails230,5 кН (23,5 ton-force)
Bogie model to GOST 924618-9771
Track gauge1520 mm
Overhaul life500 thous. km

Gondola car 12-1303
Gondola car 12-1303

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