Gondola car 12-1303-01

Gondola car 12-1303-01 has an increased body volume, axle load and overhaul life up to 500 thous. km Certificate receipt is September 2009.

Carrying capacity69 t
Light weight24,5 t
Length over coupler pulling faces13920 mm
Length over strikers12780 mm
Base8650 mm
Extreme width3154 mm
Height above rail head level3800 mm
Height of coupler axle above rail head level1040÷1080
Body volume88,0 m3
Internal dimensions12768х2928х2385 mm
Number of unloading hatches14
Design speed to GOST 26725120 km/h
Body clearance limit to GOST 92321-ВМ
Bogie clearance limit to GOST 923202-ВМ
Maximum static load of wheel set on rails230,5 кН (23,5 ton-force)
Bogie model to GOST 924618-9771
Track gauge1520 mm
Overhaul life500 thous. km

Gondola car 12-1303-01
Gondola car 12-1303-01

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