Production of new freight cars

Investments in operating production allowed to open up manufacture of new freight cars. At the beginning of 2007 was started the production of gondola car model 12-1302 on the facilities of small-lot manufacture Shop. Productive capacity for freight car manufacture makes up more than 100 gondola cars per month.

Manufactured models:

Prospective models:

  • hopper car mod. 19-9838, 19-9838-01

New facilities creation

In 2007 was started new building for freight car manufacture.
Technological idea and concept of new manufacture was worked out by Nippon Sharyo, LTD (Japan). It was proposed by Nippon Sharyo to use the principle of "single flow", which allows using one assembly line capable to quick reset to produce a wide assortment of freight cars with minimum facilities apply. A reset of production process from one model to another occupies not more than one shift continuing running the operating model. To be the first plant in Russia to introduce conveyer method in process of freight car repair, we are to apply production technology and concept suggested by Japanese specialists.

Planned capacity of new production is 6 000 freight cars of different models per year.

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