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Promtractor-Vagon CJSC
Promtractor-Vagon CJSC

Promtractor-Vagon CJSC (till January 1, 2006 Kanash Car Repair Plant) is the first industrial enterprise and one of the oldest in the Chuvash Republic. It is one of the biggest car repair plant in Russia. For 72 years of its history the plant passed the way of its formation and development.

In 1933 People's commissariat of communications of the USSR resolved to build a car repair plant in Kanash.

Construction was started in March 1934. Next august car repair center was put in commission and first eight cars were reconstructed by 25th of August. All in all at that year were reconstructed 195 cars. In 16 June, 1936 People's commissariat of communications of the USSR issued an order of Plant construction completion. That date is considered to be the origin of the Plant.

Planned production capacity was expected as 7 200 cars of capital repair per year. It was achieved by 1959. About 800 workers took part in World War II. Many warriors were honoured. I.A. Kabalin was conferred the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

During World War II was constructed and send to the battle-front such military equipment as armoured train "Komsomolez Chuvashia", "Za rodinu", panel trucks, snow-ploughs, bath-cars.

In 1946 the plant personnel got the transferring Red Banner, and for the first time in the country the freight car repair was transferred from stationary to production on the line method.

In 1957-1959 was introduced the method of flow-conveyor production, which allowed to increase the repair of rolling stock on 49% as compared to 1956.

In 1970-1980 shop reconstruction and technical reequipment was completed. The automated personnel management system was applied. In 1978 the 300 thousandth freight car came out of the service.

By the decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of USSR dated 3 April 1981 the Kanash Plant was honored by the Red Banner of Labour for success achieved in Xth five-year plan implementing and for productive capacity increasing.

In 1999 an anniversary 500 thousandth freight car came out of service. There were repaired 592 283 freight cars in the period of 1935 to May, 2008. Also there were manufactured about 3 000 types of new freight cars, hundred thousands of tons of spare parts.

140 workers are awarded by orders and medals for conscientious and longstanding labour. Lathe operator S.P. Nickitin was conferred the rank of Hero of Socialist Labour.

Among production toilers of the plant there are 99 Honoured railway workers, one honoured worker of transport of Russia, 22 honoured workers of industry anf transport of the Chuvash Republic and 28 other honorary titled workers.

Plant chiefs and directors: M.V. Mokeev (1934-1938), U.R. Stoyan (1938-1940), V.T. Pozdnyakov (1940-1945), S.P. Trukhin (1946-1953), V.V. Kvishinidze (1953-1954), P.T. Volchkov (1954-1956), B.T. Kuznetsov (1956-1963), A.N. Soroka (1963-1968), Yu.K. Nickulin (1968-1971), S.K. Egorov (1971-1975), A.A. Tsyplakov (1975-1983), O.Z. Sharafutdinov (1983-1985), A.T. Zhuromskiy (1985-2000), S.G. Kasakov (2001-2005), A.I. Churkin (2005-2007), A.Yu. Koltyshev (2007).

At present the executive director of Promtractor-Vagon CJSC is Igor V. Giske.

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